Friday, February 29, 2008

My Poor Phone

My phone broke and I am so angry about it...okay, the whole thing didn't break, just the text messaging. If any one knows me at all then you will understand my pain, texting is all I do. I hate having to hold real conversations on the phone, I blame this on technology and the internet for making me lose most, if not all, of my social skills.

You might be thinking, why don't you just call the company and tell them. Well, I tried that. My phone is on my sisters company line, however, and she has to be there to give me some code and okay it. As luck would have it, she is out of town until monday. GRRRR...

SO, if anyone wants to get a hold of'll have to call.

Pray for my phone.

Oh, to make things worse...I have been really sick. I missed work and school yesterday and this morning. I would have ditched out this afternoon as well, but my boss' daughter was going in for surgery so I had to cover for her. BOOO...