Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Missionaries

Today at church they passed around a list for people to sign who wanted to feed to missionaries. There were only two dates available, today (Sunday) and Wednesday. I am more than willing to help, so I signed up. The only problem is, I haven't been grocery shopping in a LONG time, probably 2 weeks or more. So I put, "We can do it ANY day, but today." It just wouldn't be right to have to break the sabbath day by shopping, just so I could feed them.

Apparently, however, no one else signed the list. What?!?!? So the relief society president came up to me after church and said something to the effect of, "You were the only one who put your name down, so I am going to send them over to you today if that's alright." I agreed, knowing that I had no other real choice; but seriously, did she even read what I wrote? I really do want to help, but deep down I was in a panic. We have NO food. And I'm not even kidding you...unless they want cereal (which we wouldn't have enough milk for everyone) or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Wait, we also have one package of ramen noodles.

After a short time of stressing (in my head so as to not let Cody know...although he will find out once he reads this) I decided/figured out what to do. Things were good. Now, after all that time, worry, and effort it is 11 minutes before I was told they would come and no one has called or shown any sign of it really happening.

I am going to be so upset if this doesn't turn out...haha.