Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Things...

First of all, I have a final group project due in one of my classes so I need EVERYONE to go to and fill out the poll questions and make a comment. If you already have, thanks.

The second thing, today Cody and I met at UVSC's food court for lunch. We split a sandwich and a shake. While eating the shake we discovered that the straw just wasn't cutting it, so Cody left to go get spoons. In the 20 seconds he was gone, a kid came up and asked me if he could sit with me at the booth. I instantly imagined in my head him and Cody smashed on the one side. hehehe. Right then Cody came back. The kid said, "Oh, I guess your friend was sitting there." Cody said, "Husband" after he sat down. It was pretty funny.