Friday, April 18, 2008

So Sad...

Last night I was at a birthday party of my good friend Berioska. She turned 24. The party was held at my sister Heidi's house. She has 4 cute/crazy kids that I love very much. Heidi had to leave for a meeting during the party, so I was "babysitting". As I was playing with my niece Kelsey, Berioska said, "Hanna, you are going to be the best mom ever. Your kids will be so cute." Her friend (another guest at the party) then asked, "So when is your baby due?" Berioska quickly told her that I was not pregnant, she held an awkward pause, then we moved on. I was so...ugh...I just couldn't believe she thought I was pregnant! My self-esteem fell 10 points.

Oh, and I dyed my hair. It is dark brown with a slight reddish tint. Cody did it for family night on Monday.



OH!!! That color sounds awesome! I want some pictures! I'm excited to see it!! Did you decide to cut it, or does the dye suffice you?

You know what the answer is to people thinking you are pregnant when you are not, right? GETTING PREGNANT...

The Price Family

I think it is awesome that Cody did your hair. I pics too.


The friend only asked you that because she heard Berioska saying your kids will be so cute. Nobody could mistake you for pregnant without a catalyst. By the way, don't be scared of pregnancy! Your body is built to do it. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.

Jen Jen

Just wanted to comment on how much I love your playlist....