Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The April Fools Joke

I decided to make sponge brownies, something I came up with one year in college. I cut sponges in half, soak them in Hershey's syrup, freeze them, then frost them.

In the end they look exactly like a nice, moist, delicious brownie. You can't tell a difference unless you already knew it existed.

I was going to give them to some of our friends that live next door, but then Clarke told me that he had dinner planned with Caleb (Cody's brother) and that he would be more than willing to bring them to him instead.

I thought that was a brilliant idea.

After dinner Caleb was too full to try them out, so he put them in his car. He was going to take them into work with him, but was late so he forgot.

Sometime after that I got a text thanking me for the brownies and saying I was the best sister-in-law ever. It made me feel kind of bad, but not bad enough to tell him the truth. Not yet at least.

After his shift was over he was feeling quite hungry. When he got to his car he remembered the brownies. He took one big bite, that strongly resembled cardboard, then said my name in a bitter 'you got me' tone.

That's when I received a second text message informing me I was no longer the best.

My only regret is that I didn't get to see him try it out. But, I guess hearing about it was funny enough.


Emily B.

Nice one! Remind me to be on my guard next April Fool's. I hope little Camdon is feeling better.


That is awesome! Usually I am all on the April Fools Jokes but for some reason I couldn't think of anything to do this year. I am stealing this one! Too bad you couldn't see his reaction!


So funny Hannah! All I did this year was the old rubber band around the spayer on the kitchen sink, and I got myself 2 times before Devin even got home. Lame. I might have to remember your joke for next year. Brilliant!