Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Love this!


so cute, no se asusto?

Holt House



He loves our dog Zoee. He climbs in there all the time.

Kyle and Shanalee

We have two dogs that are our babies. When I get asked the question (almost daily) "when are you going to start having kids????" I tell them that I won't know what I'll do when I can't lock them in a kennel while I go to the grocery store. You do it anyway. Problem solved. LOL Hope all is well. Your lil' guy is such a cutie!!

Trev & Celina

That is so cute!


A picture says a thousand words right..... I love this one!

The Harrisons

hahaha this is hilarious! Love it. and I think he is so cute too! We need to get together sometime and have them play!


hahaha totally makes me think of our conversation about leaving him to go to the grocery store :) love it.