Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don't feel like working on my articles that are due for the newspaper tonight, so I thought I would post instead.

The little guy has been sick, again. Croup plus an infection in both ears. He is definitely my son. And, when there is a sickness within 500 yards of me, no matter what it is, I'll get it too. Which I did.

So, I laid on the floor today next to him, feeling sorry for myself, while he played with his purple-ish elephant-mouse toy. He must have noticed something was wrong because every minute or so he would crawl over and kiss my cheek. I loved every minute of his slobbery goo-ness.

Its things like that which stop me from spanking his little butt when he messes with the computer and deletes all of the notes and interviews for my article I've been working on.




sorry por eso, pero a sin son. lorenzo le encanta tocar la computadora y por poco bloquea la computadora.