Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothin' New

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life. Lately that has been the case. It keeps me up at night and makes my head hurt.

Then, I read something inspirational (today it was on nienie) and I take a weekend trip to Idaho and I start to feel better.

Only 1 more week and Cody is done with school. yay!

p.s. Can you believe our little baby boy is 10 months old? He is starting to lose his baby-ness and look like an actual little boy. I'm not sure how I feel about that.



I need to see that little boy of yours. He is growing up so fast. I've been overwhelmed a lot lately too. My much needed Cabo trip couldn't come better at anytime. I need to relax. We should get together for real this time when we get back. Go to a pool or something, catch up on girl top, and overall relax :)


Girl Talk


Hanna, He is SO ADORABLE! It is so sad how quick they grow up. It is just plain crazy. :) Thanks for the posts! I am finally catching up on my blog stalking!


se como te sientes, es que ya no es un bebe y puedes pensar que ya no te necesite ya que se ponen independientes, pero no te preocupes siempre van a necesitarte como para mi christian ya tiene 5 y siempre me necesita para todo igual lorenzito que esta pegado a mi como un chicle. disfruta a tu hijo y no pienses que esta creciendo para nosotras las madres seran siempre un bebe. besos