Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Softball Mit

Today was a GREAT day, because I got a new softball mit. I met my wonderful husband for lunch, and after an excellent meal of mongolian food we headed to the store. That is when I found it, a black and gray easton (this was the closest picture I could find).

The best part of it was that later on in the day we went on a date to the park to play catch. The weather was perfect and my aim/arm was still pretty good (its been a few years since i played, almost 7). We are getting ready for our coed softball team...I can hardly wait. Oh how I love playing softball. It is one of the greatest joys of my life. Even now just writing about it I feel gitty and excited.



I'm glad you got to use your mitt and have fun! I love you guys! Love, Heidi

I'm Natalie.

Ok, so I am NOT a softball player by any means, but playing catch at a park with Richie seriously sounds like the most fun date of all time!! How awesome!

Jen Jen

You would love it down here in st george! I have played on a couple coed softball leagues...they are almost year round.