Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The REAL Cody and Hanna Story

So... How is everyone? It's been awhile since I've "showed my face", so i thought I'd check in on things. When I did, to my utter astonishment, I found a fraudulant story about how it all went down with Hoog's and I, so I thought that you'd probably want to hear how I saw it go down.

As was mentioned, I served as a missionary for the Mormon church in Washington DC South Mission, which covers northern Virginia. When I had been out for about a year, just over, I was serving in my third area as a first time zone leader. I had only been a zone leader for about 3 months but I really liked it and was pretty dang good at it if you ask me.
My third transfer in the zone, I got a new companion named Elder Baldwin. He was a cheerful little lad that liked to laugh. Which is good because I frequently ridiculed and hassled him about having only one functioning eye. My favorite was to throw fragile things to him and watch him freak out because he had no depth perception and would usually shriek like a little girl and frantically try to keep the object from getting broken and yet was pretty helpless and usually ineffective. No matter, it was usually his stuff.
Anyway, that was random. Whilst with said companion, we received a fresh batch of missionaries to the zone. 23 new missionaries to the mission that transfer. We received 3 of them to our zone. One of them was a new spanish speaking sister who had been assigned to our all star missionary, sister Dezzeo. (Hi D)
The first night after transfers, I was making calls to check that everyone was in for the night and I called the spanish sisters to see how D's first day of training went. She was all kinds of excited because her little greenie had invited the someone to be baptized the first time that they met him on the street and he said yes! What the? Who does she think she is. Beginners luck right? Um, No. Next night, I talk to sister D again, and hello, another one said yes that sister H had invited to baptized. So already I like want to meet this mystery miracle girl, and at least get her autograph, I mean after all, we had an average of 2 baptisms per missionary per year in the mission and she got 2 in 2 days to say yes. So whatev..
Monday morning rolls around and we have district meetings. Baldwin and I get everyone together for zone portion of meetings and, as is customary, the sisters sit in the front row, and there she is the miracle sister I had been wondering and dang it all if she wasn't cute too... I knew that we were going to have to do all kinds of babysitting and make sure the Elder's were being good little boys around the new hot sister. And boy was she a sassy little thing...
Anyway, this is far more detailed than I ever thought I would get but that was the first time I layed eyes on my eternal companion and I didn't even know it. I just wanted you all to be a part of it and know that it was not as great as you might think. She was going to be a pain in the butt. Hot girls are the last thing a missionary wants to have to deal with. Luckily I had a girlfriend and so I hardly even noticed but you know... She was all kinds of interested in me, I could tell right off the bat. She walked up to me after zone meetings and told me how great our lesson had been. She even almost like whispered it to me. It was really weird. Then every night that it was my turn to call and check on the sisters she was answering the phone, and finding any excuse that she could to call us and ask questions. We would go to meetings and she would sit there in the front where she could see me and she wouldn't stop looking at me. So after 2 transfers of these little flirtations I had to tell president that I needed to be transferred because sister H was making me uncomfortable. I spent the next year trying to dodge her at every major meeting that our paths crossed. FINALLY, I was released from my mission and I thought that I would never see her again. Then of course, first thing she gets home and there she is again. Every day I walk outta class and there she was waiting for me. She knew my whole schedule and everthing and would show up at the craziest time. Finally, I was like ok fine. let's get married, I've got nothing better to do and no other prospects so I may as well marry the mission princess... Hanna H and now we live happily ever after... Until she reads everything that I wrote after the part where I first met laid eyes on her, then I might be free again. I'll let you know... Ha ha ha ha. The End


The Price Family

Ha haha I love it!!!

Tone Loc

Hey thanks for the insight, good to know how she won you over.. although, I must admit I think your story is crap. I am with her.


holy cow Cody, I like Hannah's love story better. hhaha

Scott the elk hunter

I loved the story. It wasn't quite how Hanna told it to me but none the less, it was a dandy!
It's good to see that she married someone with wit and writing talent.