Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Offended v. The Offender

On Saturday Cody and I headed to the church to accompany the CTR 6 class during their primary program practice (that is our new calling as of a month ago). While we were waiting for the music to start and people to get situated, I heard the music leader mention the name of my mother's company. My ears immediately perked up. He then began to mimic a conversation that he had with the horrible woman that owned the company (my wonderful mother). He even did her voice as an evil witch, then went on to say how she got what she deserved anyway because she lost her business (which is not true at all) and everything went into foreclosure...smirking the whole time. Not cool.

And you must keep in mind that while he was saying this 5-10 minute shpeal I was sitting less than 10 feet away.

I looked over at Cody, he could sense my annoyance. I debated whether or not to say something right then. You know, call him on it. Put him in his place for being such a jerk and for talking so badly about someone, LET ALONE MY OWN MOTHER, in the chapel. But, Cody advised me not too, and he was right. Sometimes (most of the time) it is better to just keep your mouth shut, at least until you are calm. I have seen a lot of people ruin relationships that way. Plus, our 6 year old class was close by and what kind of example would I have been? And, why stoop to his level? He just looked idiotic/pathetic talking that way about another human being.

A few minutes later I noticed Cody across the room talking to him. My nice and supportive husband had my feelings and those of my mom in mind as he told the man that his words were not only untrue but personally offensive considering that she was his mother-in-law. He did it in a very rational and respectful, but honest way. I was proud of him and glad.

After that I became the center of this man's world. haha. Okay, not really. But he did all of a sudden become extremely nice (he even moved the song charts right in front of me so I could have the best view, and constantly asked me if things were okay or if I needed anything). He was so nice, as a matter of fact, that I am now afraid to make eye contact with him, because I know if I do he'll feel the need to talk and/or help me. At least he feels repentant.

It did hurt my feelings to hear someone say such things about someone I love. I wonder how God feels when we do the same? I guess that is a silly question. Of course he wouldn't like it. But it really opened my eyes to watching my words and actions. You never know who you are hurting. I am sure I do things like this all the time, so I can't hold it against him. I even let him be over the top nice, because I know that is his way of making it right. So I grant him the opportunity.


The Price Family

great hanna now I feel like a jerk for all the mean things I have ever said about people. Ha I will be better now and keep your thoughts in mind

Motherhood for Dummies

wow, you are soo much nicer than I am.. I probably would have started chucking hymn books at him and I chased him out of the chaple! Okay, maybe not really... I am kind of spineless like that.. but that would have been awesome! :)
p.s. nice hubby to go talk with him for yea!


you are not having the best of luck with these things lately, first the fence and then your mom? that was so great of your husband to do that for you, i think the guy did need something said to him. like you said you never know who is listening so better not so say anything at all.

Brother and Sister Harker

Sounds like you got a cool ward.