Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sister Missionaries

Tonight I went on splits with the sister missionaries. It was awesome. Sometimes I really miss being a missionary.

It is one of the coolest feelings in the world to run into a random stranger on the street and discuss the restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as cars whiz past you and other fellow street goers give you the evil eye.

After a few minutes of talking with them, you have worked your way through several important points until you hit the story of Joseph Smith and the first vision. Then BAM, the spirit floods your surroundings. The noise from the cars all but disappears and the only thing you can feel is an overwhelming calm. You get it, and you know they are really getting it too. From a simple experience like that, millions of lives change. That is something truly incredible.

Tonight I heard a 20 something year old girl from Seattle realize, and voice out loud for the first time, that she knows Joesph Smith was called as a prophet of God to restore the church of Jesus Christ to the earth, and that everything she had learned from the sisters so far was true...even though her dad told her never to speak to him again if she goes along with it. Cool, huh?


The Price Family

That is awesome. I love going on splits but i haven't had much opportunity since there aren't even young missionaries in our ward. I can't wait to so them again.


I know exactly what you are talking about and that is one of my most favorite memories about sharing the gospel.


Hi Hanna. I just found your blog. Weird, because you have been commenting on mine for a while now. Thanks for the notice of my very apparent bra in all of those Thriller pictures :-0 I was hoping the outfit would turn out that way!! lol I wonder why??? The flash?? Anyway, you need more pictures on your blog...

Durrant Family

I actually miss it too sometimes. Especially now that Laura is out there and I get to hear a lot about experiences that remind me of those I had once too! Thanks for sharing your experience!