Monday, October 6, 2008

Car Keys

On Friday I was so excited to be done with school and work and head off to Idaho for the weekend. As I packed up my desk, turned off my computer, grabbed my purse then headed for the car I noticed that my keys were annoying. I have a knack for losing EVERYTHING.

After desperately calling/checking everywhere I could think of the find my keys, I decided to head back to campus and retrace my steps believing that I may have left them in one of my classes. 45 minutes later I was still empty handed. I almost broke down. The worst part is, I had left my cell phone in my neighbors car the night before, so I didn't have an immediate way to call anyone for help. Why do I lose everything? I promise I am not a stupid person, just absentminded.

I finally used a free phone on campus and explained to Cody that I would need him to drive the 30 minutes or more from our home to the school (during rush hour) because I had lost my keys...again. He was not thrilled, and I felt like an idiot.

I then set out on my trek back to work, stopping at various places in hope of finding someone who had my keys, or knew where they were. No luck. When I got back to my office, to my surprise, they were sitting on top of my keyboard on my desk. I almost cried.

I hurried to call Cody and stop him from coming the whole distance, then headed home. Since everyone in the office had gone home, I'm not sure how my keys got there. I don't think I am THAT unobservant, but I still haven't found the person who did it...and I don't really care. I am just glad they did.