Sunday, June 28, 2009

His Favorite Pastime

This picture may resemble bad parenting, but in reality HE choses to be in this position. No matter how much I try and resist, he likes to stretch back and stay that way. We lovingly refer to it as the C Curve, C for his name and for the fact that his back bends in half the wrong way forming the letter C.

Be ready for LOTS of baby pictures from now on. We are over-excited first time parents, what did you expect? If you don't like them, shame on you.


The Harrisons

That looks painful!! It's funny how babies get into these seemingly uncomfortable positions, but they love them! Can's wait for more pics!!


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get that lordodic curve goin a nerd.

gray family

bring on the cute baby pics!

Vaughn and Shelby

I'm going to kidnap him!


Hanna. One of Seth's nieces gave me this information. Thought I'd pass it along.
"She probably needs to mention that to her pediatrician--it could be a sign of reflux (which my baby, Carolyn, has). In reflux, the baby's breathing tube often gets inflamed, so arching his back will straiten his airway, open it up, and help him not hurt as much. (And yes, my pediatrician mentioned that even breastfed babies have reflux. Bleh.)"

Don't know if that is a problem he deals with, but thought it worth mentioning.

Cody and Hanna

That could possibly be the case. He has an appointment today so I'll have to check it out.