Monday, June 29, 2009


Today I ran to Wal-Mart to get a little grocery shopping done.

After fighting people in the isles and waiting forever in the check out line, I finally made it outside to my car.

I loaded the groceries in the trunk, snapped the boy's car seat (with him in it) in the back seat, then went the 4 stalls down to drop off my cart in the designated spot.

In that 10 seconds I was gone dropping of the cart, a group of people came across my car and infant and decided that it was their responsibility to call the police. I mean, why not? Someone had OBVIOUSLY abandoned their child. They were outraged, I could hear it in their conversation.

I was back before they even got the number dialed saying, "I didn't leave my baby. I was just dropping off my cart."

The woman who had called 911 hung up her phone and proceeded to give me a short lecture on why I should never do that again.

I decided next time I'll just leave my cart behind their car.

p.s. For the record, I do NOT think it is okay to leave your child in the car, and what the people might have prevented was noble. But seriously, I saw them walk up. They saw me at the car. I passed them while dropping off the cart. Come on now people, think before you act.



seems like you come across a lot of stupid people. i think by now if i were you ...... my patience for idiots would be worn thin and i would go ballistic on them and stab them in the jaw. goodness. some people.


Seriously! Leave your cart all over the place from now on.....I dare you! People have got to complain about something and when they complain about where you left your cart just tell them that you have a new baby in the car...JERKS!!!! You are so much nicer than me, I would have found their car and shoved the cart into it...Grrrr

Ashley and Jeremy

wow its not like you went grocery shopping and left him in there for an hour. Don't worry Hanna, I'm sure you are a good mom :)

Tolman Family

I always used to be annoyed when people would leave their carts in parking lots until I had a baby and learned how hard it is to put everything in the car, take the cart back, take out the car seat, then put it in the car. It's too much work! So now I just leave the cart wherever.


I've learned to park as close as I can to a cart stall no matter if it is way at the back of the parking lot. You learn things you never thought you would being a mommy! Hope everything else is going great! I'd love to hear from you, all the cute little things Camdon does.


I've actually been in a similar situation, but in my case they did call the cops. I felt like an idiot and the worst mom ever to boot. Busybodies like that should just mind their own dang business. I still get pissed thinking about it...

Andrea Low

I had to laugh at that because Skyler tells my mom that I leave her and Ellyit in the car all the time! Which, isn't completely true, but kind of. The only catch is my car has keyless starter and the ac runs for 10 minutes, so as long as I can be back in 10 minutes I don't see the problem. That is totally lame that they wanted to call the cops. You are perfectly fine putting him in the car and then returning the cart the cops would/should be on your side!

Brother and Sister Harker

CRAZY!!!! I always leave my cart. If you have noticed at our new cozy little Wally world the basket returns are too far away. In other news, good for you for putting it back and shame on rude people.


Hanna...that is hilarious. But not really. Are you kidding me people? I would have been so annoyed. On another note, can I just say Camden is so adorable! I love love the sleeping pictures...aren't they just perfect?