Friday, June 12, 2009

No Longer A Puppy

Zoee turned 1 on June 10. I can't believe our little pup is growing so fast. haha.

As I have mentioned before, I am not too keen on animals. Just ask anyone who really knows me at all. My soul was not meant for them, nor theirs for me. As a baby I used to scream whenever I went near one. And, while I tolerate Zoee quite well, and even like her a little (because she is a very good puppy, well behaved and sweet) she and I both know that there will never be a strong tie between us. Not like there is between her and Cody.

I hope none of you out there think I am too heartless. I'm just telling the truth.

Anyway, with all that in mind, a weird phenomena has happened for the past few weeks. This lover of Cody ONLY, who follows him like...well...a puppy dog, and disobeys my every command has flipped. She now follows ME everywhere.

For example, last night I was pacing the house trying to help along some weak contractions, and she was 2 feet behind me the whole time. Where I go, she wants to be...even the bathroom. And I haven't changed in the way I treat her one bit, she just changed. Its weird. She has even started hiding in her cage from Cody when she knows he is trying to get her to leave ME at home.

Isn't that just insane? Or am I just out of the animal behavior loop? I think she knows something BIG is going on, I'm not sure to what extent, but her loyalty and concern for me make me wish I loved animals more. They have such interesting and unique personalities. Its kind of exciting to get to know.




I've read a few articles that dogs can predict when their owner is pregnant before it is possible to even test for pregnancy. Dogs can sense hormonal changes and everything - it's pretty rad. For example, Razor (my dog) gets super clingy and cuddly around "that time of the month" for me. So much that it is definitely noticed by strangers who don't even know him. Insane.

Also, when I'm sick he won't even go outside to play. He will lay by my side 24/7. I'm not joking. It's so crazy how sensitive dogs are.


I know what you mean. Animals have no place in Stewart's heart. He is kind to them, but doesn't love them like I do.

My sister in-law's dog didn't leave her side while she was having contractions until they left for the hospital. He seemed so worried about her. He is very attached to her. He didn't so much like the baby that was now taking so much time, but she did a good job to show her devoted shadow lots of attention.

Vaughn and Shelby

It's true. Some dogs can sense what is going on. I've even heard of some that become very protective and will not let anyone go near them. I think its awesome. I wish mine would be that way, although I think Trinity knows something is going on.