Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blue = Us


The Price Family

Wow. Did you swear? hahahaha


Cody, That is why it is called an ACCIDENT...don't be so hard on yourself. Hanna said that your quick driving skills actually avoided a much worse accident.

DaNiEl & ShAnDi

Geez! The car looks worse than I pictured. Again, glad everyone was okay.

Holly is could have been much worse, at least it was only the back end rather than where everyone was sitting.

A & J Johnson: A Family Co

Boo! Bad luck. I'm glad cody is a quick thinker and no one got hurt. Does Camdon need a new binky?


I am so glad you guys are all safe. I almost cried when I saw the picture. I know I am a little dramatic, but it just made me realize how easily life can be taken. It also reminded me how much I love all of you!

I am sure you handled it perfectly Cody because that's who you are. You take care of everyone and are a great person to have around in an emergency!

Love you guys! And, be careful!


OHMIGOSH! I am glad you guys are okay!


Hanna!! Agh! You poor thing. So glad it wasn't worse and so glad everyone was okay. I would have been bawling. Um, LOVED the picture you drew to explain the whole thing....everytime I see accidents I ALWAYS go crazy trying to figure how it happened. Thanks for thinkin of me;)


You should know that I wasn't the one who drew the pictures. I cannot take credit for what Cody did. They look pretty good though, huh? I just would not have written that he was an idiot...


Glad you guys were okay... I love the pictures! haha