Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I decided that if I really want to accomplish my New Year's Resolutions I should make them public. That way I feel more accountable.

1. Take time out each day for just me...even if its only 15 minutes. I haven't done this is a long time.

2. Finish and publish "Pinky and the Witch" for my late grandpa that I love very much.

3. Become a better wife (I have several bullet points below this as to how, but thats more private)

4. Become a better cook. I want my kids to be those annoying ones that always think that no one can cook something like their mother can, and be right. I realize this might take more than a year, but I have to start somewhere. So, if you have any suggestions or recipes, I'm all ears (whatever that means).

5. Finish at least one round of P90X. My mom got it for me for Christmas and it is more extreme than I ever imagined. Its kicking my butt. I am so sore!

We have a few family goals too, but those I can use Cody to be accountable for...and with.

And to appease those who are always whining for more pictures of the boy...
This is him as we speak, zoned in on Baby Einstein.

And this one is from our friends party on New Year's Eve.


DaNiEl & ShAnDi

Great new years resolutions! I hope you keep's so dang hard. Good luck!

The Harrisons

haha that picture of him watching baby einsteins is so funny! He is so cute!