Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rocking Chair

I am just not on my game lately.

Last night I went to feed the little guy his regular 4 am delight. I was in my usual sleepy haze as I grabbed him out of his crib and headed for the rocking chair; and thats when it happened. He lunged at me, mouth open (he must have been VERY hungry). The shifting weight tipped me backwards into the chair and caused all 3 of us (me, him and the chair) to topple over.

So, there I was with a hungry and now crying baby, lying on the floor with a rocking chair on top of me.

I was, however, so tired that I'm still not even sure it was real.

What will I come up with next?

Here is a baby picture from my phone for good measure.



hoooolllllly crap. sorry i had to laugh out loud as im all alone here reading this... it probably wasnt too awesome at the time, but a legit story to cherish forever.

DaNiEl & ShAnDi

What did your husband do? hahaha.. It's so hard to function in the hazy state of mind. I'm glad you both made it out safely from under the rocking chair.

Vaughn and Shelby

Hey at least you haven't fallen off forward yet! You've really ran into a string of unfortunate events. Thanks for the laughs!


Holy moly, this made me laugh.
PS. The boy is way handsome.


So a couple of nights ago, Keith moved in bed and I had one of those instant responses...I thought I was in the rocking chair with Alex and I thought Keith's movement was Alex lunging off the boppy and I jerked forward. When I ran into Keith I woke up and was looking for where Alex had gone...I even asked Keith and when I started asking I finally realized where I was and no one was in danger. I'm glad you weren't hurt!