Sunday, January 3, 2010


Alright, here is how December went:

1. We decorated our house a day ahead of schedule. Cody has a strick December 1 rule, but it was broken. We did it because we were having a family party that same week and our house needed to be festive.

2. Then, Cody's family come down from Idaho to celebrate. We even won awards. Mine was the 'best sport' award....hmmmm....

3. Next, we had some of our friends come over for a Christmas party. We had dinner (yes, I actually made it), games, and did a little gift exchange.

4. We shopped.

5. Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house. The nativity was acted out, with our little guy playing baby Jesus. He did a wonderful job and didn't even cry until it was over. Then we sang songs and gave gifts. Cody and I made one of the gifts this year, and I was pretty pleased with our skills.

6. Christmas morning we opened our family gifts. Then Clarke and my mom made us breakfast and we watched a movie.

7. Christmas afternoon we partied at my dad's house.

8. Christmas evening we went to Mimi's to see Cody's family again. We played a new game that Cody and I got for Christmas called Quilf. It was pretty fun, my favorite part was probably Jill doing some prison guard rap...or maybe Katelyn dancing like a ballerina. Either way, it was fun.

9. We went to the tumbling gym. It was awesome. But the most awesome part was being pushed in a giant wheel with Christie as she screamed. It was pretty funny.

10. New Years Eve we headed to a friends party with delicious food and some bingo...which I didn't win. Cody did though. Then, after accidentally offending a girl there, we headed home to play games with Caleb and Hayley. It was a superb night.

Now for the pictures...
Picking out the family tree.

The first family party. Mimi reading a Christmas story to the kids.

The second family party, wearing the traditional pajamas.

The boy opening his very first present ever.

The stockings I made filled with goodies for Christmas morning.

Gus Gus with his presents Christmas morning.

The boy and his dad.



Glad to hear you had such an awesome holiday. I enjoy looking at all of your pictures. Hope you guys have a great 2010!


What a great month it sounds like! Great job on the stockings they look fabulous!


That's one cute little kid! Hi Cody (and Hanna even though I don't technically know you.)

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson

What an eventful month! I love all of the faces the adults are making as Mimi reads the story, and I love the little guy's concentration as he opens his present. He is such a cutie.