Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Car

This is my new car.

Cody is in love with Subarus. I never knew much about them, but found myself convinced that they were something I should look into. Then I got hooked.

So, here I am driving a Forester, and, to be honest, I really like it.

Although, I am much more timid with a manual; which could be a good thing. I guess we'll see.



Cute! I like it! Keith really likes Subaru's as well. I had a roommate from Idaho that swore by them for snow and such, I'm glad you like yours. :)

Daniel & Shandi

I love Subaru's! I'm glad you really like your new vehicle. You'll love driving it in the snow. My Subaru Impreza is freaking awesome in snow and shine! Love it!


i bet that cody loves it! haha he's a crazy face!
katelyn..(your fav. sister!!!)

Andrea Low

I like it and I'm jealous!