Monday, May 12, 2008

My Shattered Window

This weekend we headed up to Idaho to spend Friday and Saturday with the Childers. It was one of the best weekends ever. Cody met me in Lehi, where I left my car, and we headed up to Preston together. We spent Saturday playing softball/baseball, bowling, playing Frisbee, and eating delicious pizza. Both Cody and I were so sore Sunday morning when we woke up. I felt like the oldest woman in the world. The worst part is, I still hurt.

Anyway, we got back Saturday night. I was too tired to get my car in Lehi, so we just left it and headed home instead. Then Sunday, after church and a nap, we headed to my mom's house for some dinner and a movie. It was fun. Holly and her family were there, along with Andrew...although he always takes off in the middle of everything.

When I left my moms house, I had to go pick up my car at my sister's. Cody dropped me off and as I walked up to my car I noticed a bunch of glass on the road beside it. I looked around and noticed that someone had smashed in my driver's side window. Gosh dang it...and of course the insurance I have doesn't cover it. They didn't steal anything because, well, there is nothing to steal. All I had were some CDs on and under the front seat that went untouched. My guess is because the ones they could see on the seat were all church CDs. haha. They were either really stupid and picked a bad car to break into, or they were just out to do some vandalism. No matter the reason, it wasn't the greatest thing that could have happened, but it was sure an eventful way to end the weekend.

If I get some pictures later, I'll post them up.