Friday, May 16, 2008

My Birthday

I would just like to remind everyone that my birthday is in two weeks and two days (June 1). I know what you are thinking, "How could I possibly forget the greatest day of the year Hanna?" but, as ridiculous as it sounds, people have before. Remember that birthday during the Jazz/Bulls playoffs a few years ago Mom? Not cool. haha.

Anyway, happy birthday to me.



I'll be the first to proclaim that my wife is nuts and totally finatical about her birthday and yes I would sorry for me too... thank you for the sympathy... and how the heck am I to deal with such a person? She builds it up so much that no matter what you do you might let her down... I think this is a lose lose situation for me... I'm open to suggestions

Amber and Matt

Lol, I am glad you still get really excited for your birthday :) It was fun to see your website and read about how you two met. (I read Cody's story first though so I was really confused until I scrolled down) I'm glad everything seems to be going good for you guys! Matt says hi!