Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Okay...So I read the first, second, and part of the third book in the Twilight series. I thought they were decent. I did, however, get so bored in the third that I stopped reading and gave it to my mother in law. The only reason I even got that far was because so many people raved about them and I was intrigued as to why. So after this disappointment in the books, I left them in the dust...that is until I saw the movie trailer. I must admit, the movie looks interesting. I want to see it.

Check it out for yourself...then tell me what you think.



The Price Family

Humm that is really interesting because everyone does rave about them. I wonder if I will be disappointed to?

Tone Loc

I had the same problem with the third it took me about 4 months to finish it and the first two I read in a week. You going to read her new one, The Host? Nice to know what everyone raves about anyways, huh?