Friday, May 30, 2008

Indiana Jones' Words of Wisdom

We are back from Hawaii...I will post some pictures later.

Now, on to what is really important. haha. So, last night not wanting our vacation to end, Cody and I went to Cafe Rio and the to see Indiana Jones. I was actually pretty excited to see it, since as a kid I was a big fan of the movies. I loved the Holy Grail and the Temple of Doom, they are such classics in my book. I get excited just thinking about them. I think I got the movie liking from my mom, I remember her being really into them.

Anyway, the movie turned out to be average...a little strange, but entertaining. There was however an interesting statement at the end of the movie, Hollywood has a way with words and getting my mind going. I guess that is why the get paid the big bucks. One of the characters said something to the effect of, "Most of life is lost in the waiting." Suggesting that we spend and waste so much time waiting on things instead of just acting.

Waiting for work to be over; waiting for money, a house, stability, friends, someone else to do their part. Instead of just acting we sit back and do nothing. Why is that? What has caused me and you (or maybe not you) to be this way? How can we change it?

I remember always being excited for the summer, but then when summer came complaining about the heat and not being able to wait for the winter. Or, always looking forward to being 16 so I could drive, then 18 so I was an adult, and 21 so I really had the privilege to do whatever I wanted. Now that I am almost 24 (IN 2 MORE DAYS) I complain about being old. I was/am never satisfied. I am always looking for my next big adventure, but losing the fun or intrigue in what I am doing right now.

All too often I lose all of the present in the waiting for something better to come along.

My awesome friend Taylor (thank you for all of the help in Hawaii by the way) always says that the world is our playground. I love that. I want that mentality. My new resolution is to lose no more time in the waiting, but to act now.

Thank you Indi and your fellow cast mates. You have enlightened my mind.



your blog is very cute. i didn't know you went on a mission, where did you go?


Happy Birthday!!! And, I love the words of, so very true! And, when are you and Cody coming over for dinner?

Tone Loc

I would comment something thoughtful and intelligent but I am still trying to get unmad at you guys for going to Hawaii. Let's hope my jealousy wears off!

Tone Loc

P.S. Happy Birthday in less than an hour, I have never met you, but you have to be cool since Cody likes you! So enjoy your special day!