Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Backyard Part 2

Yesterday as Cody and I were complying with the Police and picking up any visible fence pieces not currently in use, said ward member drove past and had the nerve to stop and say, "Hey Cody, the fence looks great."

I wanted to punch him.

I decided that Holly was right. The best thing to do is just laugh it off. We also contemplated putting a sign up next to the fence that says "Bite Me."



I like the sign idea! I probably would say something if I had the chance! I hate when people have the nerve to complain about little things like that! As if they are perfect humans... and if he thinks he could do a better job putting the fence up maybe he should offer to help!

good look with the neighbors!

gray family
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Heidi Marshall

wow....you should totally put that sign up!!! how is the new job by the way?

Randy and Anissa

Holy moley, I would be irate. I hate people like that!

the ogle's

I would have made the sign say "You're a douche." I think that would get the point across to all those who cared so much.