Monday, June 2, 2008

My Birthday

On Saturday we had a get together at the park. It was awesome. Cody even made a slip 'n slide by my request. We played a little frizbee football and ate some good food. It was awesome. After that we went with my side of the family to watch the new Cronicals of Narnia. I liked it...although I must admit I thought the whole guy formed out of water thing was a little weird.

As for my actually birthday...I woke up and the birthday fairy had decorated my apartment. I also got the seasons of the Office, which I love, and Juno. I was excited. The only downfall to these two activites was that I have been sick since Friday.

It feels like I have food poisioning. My stomach kills, I have a headache, and...well...lets just say I can't be too far away from a bathroom. We only made through part of church before I thought I was going to die. I am alright if I don't eat, but the being hypoglycemic(stupid blood sugar levels) makes not eating a real problem. Wo is me I guess. haha.

I have pictures of all of these activites...and the ones from Hawaii still. Maybe one day I'll stop being a slacker and post them.


The Harrisons

Happy late birthday!! Sorry you're not feeling well. Are you pregnant?:)