Monday, November 10, 2008

Laying Sod

On Saturday Cody and I went to a community project that was being held at the new park a block or so from our house. They needed volunteers to lay sod, so we came. Plus they offered free donuts and lunch (neither of which I ended up getting, unfortunately).

Anyway, I realize that I am not the most experience sod layer, and that I am not very strong (I mean, I can't even do a pull-up). However, that does not mean I am totally incompetent. The concept of laying sod is pretty simple.

What I did notice is that every time I carried a square over, laid it down and straightened it out, one of the guys (without fail) would come behind me and just touch it. Sometimes with their foot, sometimes with their hands. They wouldn't move the grass at all, because I had already laid it pretty straight and where it needed to be, but for some reason because I, a girl, was the one to put it there, the job was not done right until a man had approved it with some physical gesture.

This started to get on my nerves. I wasn't feeling well that morning anyway, not to mention I was volunteering, the last thing I needed was to be demoralized for my efforts.

One time, just to spite, I saw a guy coming behind me to inspect my work with his manly "touch," so I bent back down in his way so that he couldn't. I then "rearranged" the already well laid sod (I really am such a brat). And you know what, he waited there behind me until I was done, and then kicked it. Go figure.