Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stolen From...Again

Well, I have become the target once again.

Today, I left work a little early so that I could run home, grab some files I needed, and head to an appointment I had. When I got home I realized that I was missing one thing from the files, a thing that only Cody had access to. So, I called him to get the password for it, so I could print it off and head to my appointment. Cody didn't answer, so I waited at home for him to return my call. About 20 minutes later he did, I got the paper I need, and I headed out the door.

When I got to my car, which had been parked in my garage, I realized there was this weird metal thing on my seat (pictured below)

I also noticed that my car was incredibly clean. No purse, no keys, no backpack, no books. I had left that stuff in there under the impression that I would only be inside for a second to grab the papers I needed. Unfortunately my 1 minute turned into about 30 minutes, but still. It wasn't that long.

I was robed, again. They took my social security card, credit cards, ID's, insurance card (which is a "special" one and irreplaceable), text books, the notebook that contains everything from notes to homework assignments (3 of which are due tomorrw), the keys to my car, house, office, mailbox, my favotire purse, my favorite wallet, and my backpack that I bought my first year of college which I love. People can be real douche bags (pardon my language) sometimes.

The worse part is that when I called to cancel my cards, I found out that all the banks are closed today. Yay for Veterans Day. And, the only other people that might have been able to help me, VISA, were completely incompetent. First of all because the woman barely spoke english, and second because she said there was no way to help me unless I could tell her the numbers on the cards. Well, I didn't have the numbers BECAUSE THE CARDS WERE STOLEN. I was a little testy (by a little I mean a lot) while I talked to her on the phone. I had to spell my last name for her FIVE TIMES. If I had the power to reach through the phone and strangle her, I would have...no questions asked.

Cody and I seem to be targeted with this kind of stuff more than the average person. And if cops in the United States had half a brain to do their job, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Unfortunately, cops are like the ones that talked to me today which say, "I'm sorry that happened to you, but there is nothing we can do about it." I believe he was a bigger moron than the foreigner on the phone from VISA. How do we let such idiots obtain jobs with that much power?

After all is said and done, today was not a good day. This is not what I need right now.


Seth & Kirie

Wow...that is terrible! Especially with the whole social security card thing (but you already know this...) but in case you hadn't thought about it, I would for sure invest in the credit monitoring and also freeze your credit. Pretty much you call up Equifax, Experian and TransUnion and put a "freeze" on it so no new lines of credit can be opened under your SS# without them speaking to you first. It's a hassle but well worth it to keep your credit clean.

Good luck!

The Price Family

sorry that happened. that sucks. around here people have just been stealing the whole car. . .


holy cow, i think the last time I read your blog you were being stolen from.. they walked right into your garage?! I can't imagine something much more crappy than what you must be going through to get it all in line.. MAN. What about your car keys? do you have to get like change locks or something? wow I'm so sorry. I had to comment because this is so unbelievable. well probably won't help, but I love your blog. The thing about laying the sod. Wow totally had similar experience. Ticked me off, you are a lot nicer than me! I would have thrown dirt at them. well maybe.

Heidi Marshall

Hanna!!! I am so sorry! man...this trend sucks!!