Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures And Stuff

I have been told that I need to put more pictures on this blog of mine, so here you go. I hope they don't disappoint you.

This is us at a Salt Lake Bees game with our favorite two foreigners, Caroline (Ireland) and Adam (England). She was one of my mission companions and I love her dearly. We also love is such a great sport.

Then, October 30 we headed to Kingsbury Hall to watch Thriller. I look forward to this every year. We took Cody's parents, along with some of our favorite friends, Cache, Hailey, Chad and Kim.

And last we have HALLOWEEN! I LOVE to dress up, but I am also very particular about it. I can't just be any lame thing like an angel, witch or cat (okay, so I have been both a witch and an angel before, but at least never a cat...haha). Those are so old school. People really need some originality these days.

Cody dressed up as a pinata and I was the bat...we made both the costumes ourselves, as I am sure you can tell. It made for some good quality family time.


Jill Alise

Definitely the best costumes of the year. Very creative and attractive...the two most important qualities in a perfect Halloween costume. Well Done!!!


Yea, pictures!!! Wow, you guys are REALLY creative!! Love the costumes! Hslloween is so it!!

Hailey and Cache

So I see you guys have a blog...were you going to tell us? I found you guys when I got lost on someone else's blog. It's a small world isn't it? It was so fun to hang out with you guys this week. We really should do it more often. Maybe we will have to take a trip down to your neck of the woods. You should check out our blog at cherringtonposse.blogspot.comst


hey I was there...if you want to get more pictures off my camera.....


yeah!!! you used my black tape idea for your ankles! you guys look rad.