Thursday, November 20, 2008


This weekend I have tickets to see the movie Twilight. I know I have talked about this before, or maybe I haven't, but let me first preface my comments with the fact that I read every one of the books in the series.

When I first came back to Utah after my 18 month stint in DC, I heard ravings about this new vampire book. When someone described what it was about I was automatically turned off, but then I kept hearing about it. So, curiosity overpowered me and I headed to the book store to buy a copy.

I read about the first 100 pages and was bored out of my mind, but my drive to understand why it was so popular kept me going. I have to admit, the ending did get better. I repeated this cycle with the rest of the books, skipping hundreds of pages at a time in hope of finding a part that wasn't boring, but never really managing to find that awesomeness that everyone else found.

I pondered greatly about this. To me, it was like yogurt...something that I felt like I should enjoy, but every time I tried it out I hated it. Yet, I still always made myself try. While pondering, something dawned on me. I realized WHY, at least in my opinion, this book was such a great hit, especially in the LDS community.

The main plot of the story, up until the last book at least, is wrapped around this idea of sexual tension. I don't think most women actually realize this as the appeal to them reading it, but think about it, and think about being LDS. Sexual tension is huge in this culture. Its something forbidden, but only to a point. Something that drives you mad, that you want so bad, but can't have. See the correlation?

Maybe that is why I didn't like them. I'm not sexually charged enough, or things that are forbidden like that don't intrigue me like they do other people. That's my take on it anyway. But, I insist on trying to fit in, so this weekend I am heading with some of my friends to one of the earliest showings. Awesome, right? I will be happy to be with them no matter how the movie turns out.


Tone Loc

I am with ya, but I actually really enjoyed the first one. I read it right after I spent time in Washington and went to Forks so that made it super interesting to me and helped a lot. The other two.. not so much. But alas, I have tickets to see it as well.

A.J. Johnson:A Family Company

haha.. good comparison. But see I didn't enjoy them either, and I am a bit more 'charged', did you say? =) But I think the whole forbidden, not knowing is part of it. Bleh! I still haven't touched the third or fourth book.. but I'll be right there with you. I'm glad you'll be with me too.


I disagree, respectfully of course.