Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Thoughts on Twilight

Well, yesterday I saw Twilight with some old high school buddies, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. I heard it was HORRIBLE from several people. So, I expected HORRIBLE, like made for TV movie horrible, and it surpassed my expectations.

The only thing I really didn't like about the movie, I also hated in the book, so I guess its fair. I don't like that the writer never goes very deep with the characters, how Bella and Edward go from hate to love in like 5 seconds, and that Bella is so obsessed with Edward for no real reason. Obsession like that is never healthy or good. I always wanted her to end up with Jacob.

ANYWAY, there you have it. My lesson learned for the night was, go into movies with low expectations, that way you can leave happy. The only problem is that I am VERY EXCITED for the next Harry Potter movie. Please, oh please, let that one be amazing, or I may just cry myself to sleep.

p.s. I still don't think that Edward was very cute


Brother and Sister Harker

I think Edward was bloody (no pun intended)! However Dr. Cullen was way hotter. I agree with the whole falling in love in like 5 minutes part. It was not so much like that in the book but it sure was in the film.

Cody and Hanna

I agree 100 percent. Dr. Cullen was much better looking. People even cheered when he came on screen.

Bro Heber

I meant to say bloody hot, and not just bloody.


I was like you. I had heard so many bad things about it that I wasnt really excited to see it. I too ended up leaving thinking it was much better!

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Glad you liked it! I agree about the next Harry Potter movie. Book six was probably my favorite one of all.

Luke Hickman

Twilight doesn't feel like it was made for TV. Made for TV movies are much better than that.

Twilight felt like an indie movie, which it was. No budget + bad script = awful movie.

Sad news about the next Harry Potter movie, read the first fan-written reviews here:


oh hanna, i would have to say that i disagree with almost everything that u have said. but i guess i still love you! haha