Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just The Other Day... Cody and I pulled into our garage and I was heading inside, Cody thought it would be funny to run ahead and shut the door on me. ha ha ha ha ha. As he did this, something swooped down at my head. I almost had a heart attack considering that someone at church had just been telling me all about rabies and animal attacks. I screamed and tried to get in the door before it could make another attempt on my life.

In hearing this, Cody and his brother Jake came rushing to the door. My crazed animal turned out to be a bird stuck in our garage. Apparently it couldn't figure out that the giant hole, where the garage door was, is the way outside to freedom.

Cody and Jake then spent the next 20 minutes coaxing it outside. It was pretty hilarious. If you look close enough you can see the bird to the right of the garage light.

They were like kids in a candy shop, just check out Jake's face.