Monday, June 16, 2008

Kool-Aid and Retirement

Saturday morning around 10:30 I decided to go for a walk. I used to run, but since now my knee hurts all the time I have resorted to walking. On my walk I came across a little girl and a kool-aid stand. She was so cute. She picked her sign up and walked over and asked me if I would like to buy some Kool-aid. It was a screaming deal of only 10 cents a cup, but since I was just out walking I didn't bring any money with me. I told her that, sadly, and then heard a laugh come from behind her. It was the little girl's mother standing at the front door. After she laughed she said, "I told you no one would want your kool-aid." What kind of horrible mother says that?

I decided that I would prove that mean mother wrong and find a dime then come back and buy a drink from her. I figured I could just ask the next person I saw on the street, surely they could give up a dime to help out a little 6 year old, right?

The next person was a kid mowing his lawn, not wanting to bother him or get in the way of the lawn mower, I opted to talk to the lady in the next house down weeding her flower bed. I walked up to her, told her my mission, and to my surprise she said no...and very forcefully. I am sure she saw the disgust in my face from her rude response, and tried to explain herself. I then spent the next 20 minutes listening to the following:

1. How much money people get from retirement.
2. There is no way to live off of retirement alone.
3. She does ever carry change or ever have extra money lying anywhere.
4. The price of gas is way too high.
5. 150 new houses are being built in south Provo.
6. Porter's Place in Lehi is one of her favorite restaurants.
7. She hasn't been to Lehi in over 10 years.
8. She hasn't left south Provo in over 10 years.
9. She went back to the price of gas.
10. She can't afford to plant all the flowers she wants in her garden.

There was more, a lot more, but you get the gist of it. Needless to say I made a new friend by the name of Maggie (Margaret) Guzzler. They are the only Guzzlers in the area, or so I am told. You can even look it up in the phone book.

Anyway, back to the point...who can't even spare a dime for a little girl's kool-aid stand so that her mother will stop laughing at her? This world can be so cruel.


Randy and Anissa

Holy crap, Hanna, people suck so badly. I would have given you a dime, that's for sure.

Brother and Sister Harker

I would have given you a dime. That mom is mean.

The Price Family

Yeah that mom is mean. You should have taken the little girl with you. hahah SO really, did you go back and buy some?