Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Weekend

Lately I have been in a non-blogging mood, which I am currently still in. We did, however, have a very eventful weekend which included:

*Going to youth conference (Cody and I both went, we did a ropes course. It was fun.)
*Playing Frisbee/reading at a park in Orem with a bunch of family.
*Going to 7 peaks.
*Having Cody's car broken into and CD player stolen...again.
*Catching the kid who did it.
*Not getting the CD player back.
*Running into the same kid later and offering him a ride. (its a long story)
*Going to a Rodeo with Rusty and Bobby Kay, whom I adore.
*Getting a washer and dryer that will actually work at our new house.
*Buying a window mounted air conditioner for the Inferno of Death.

I hope that was sufficient for any of you reading this. Once I surpass my somber mood and get into the groove of things, I will return to my old blogging ways.