Thursday, June 12, 2008

Washer and Dryer

I am officially getting old. Today Cody and I bought our very own washer and dryer. This might not be a big deal to some people, but in my mind washers and dryers are for married people who are established and have kids and stuff...I am just still so young. At least I am in my head.

I asked my friends little sister a a few weeks ago (she is a senior in high school) if I seemed old to her. She laughed and said yes. I did not think it was so funny.


The Price Family

LUCKY!!! Yes getting a washer and dryer is something you do when you are Established. I can't wait to be as grown up as you are...

Seth & Kirie

I disagree...I had my own washer and dryer back in my crazy single days...I think I bought mine when I was 20. Maybe it's just because I liked the whole convenience of them :) But either way, yay for doing laundry!!!

gray family

Wait a minute.... at the begining said you were getting old. And at tthe bottom you said you were young.Which one is it? (oh & F.Y.I this is Kaitlin:)