Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I would just like to inform all 2 of you that read this that I am feeling better...and loving it.

Also, I attempted to put the pictures of Hawaii online last night, but didn't.


Motherhood for Dummies

totally found your blog by accident! No way! how have you been!? married I see, congrats! You look great!


I'm actually not gay. Not at all.

And, I actually was conversing with Cody on your birthday but he said you were sick and sleeping, and so I didn't want to bother you...


i love that when your married and sick with any type of illness that everyones first question is are you pregnant? ha ha so it goes!

The Price Family

If there are 2 that read this how is it that you have FOUR comments. hahaha glad you are feeling better.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes

I am glad that you have your butt sickness under control. And I am glad I have your blog now! I like what I see as well. 2 things...happy belated birthday and I am glad I met you because water slides are one of my favorite things in the world! I'm thinking twin's separated at birth? not fraternal butt's way bigger!