Friday, June 20, 2008

Washer and Dryer UPDATE

Remember the post about our new washer and dryer? If not, scroll down. I was so excited to finally be a grown up. Cody even went and talked to the old people to get it, they were in great condition (the washer and dryer, not the old people...well, they were too), and all was well.

As a preface to the rest of this post, Cody and I know very little about the workings of a washer and dryer.

Apparently the dry was a gas dryer and apparently our new house does not have a hook up for it, unless we want to pay a couple hundred dollars to have one installed; which we do not.

So, we called the nice old couple to tell them our dilemma, asking for forgiveness and our money back. haha. At first the old man said no. We were a little disappointed, but what could we do, right? Then 15 minutes later he called back and said that he will just re-sell them for us and give us the money when someone else purchases them. That sounded a little better. Then, another 15 minutes later he called back and said he would just give us our money back. haha. YES!

My guess is his conscious was just catching up with him. It happens to me ALL THE TIME. I react to things so quickly and then immediately feel guilty, repent, and change my ways.

Needless to say, we are now right where we started...washer and dryer-less. If anyone knows of a good way to remedy this, please, let us know.



Hi- just came across you by blog hoping...(boring days at work) I'm glad to see that everything is going well!

as for the washer/dryer- you can try craigs list, if you haven't already, you can usually find good deals there. Just make sure you cover all your bases (make sure everthing is working well) before you pisck it up.

the ogle's

i think a good way to solve the no washer and dryer problem is to just buy a washer and dryer. Its what i did and i have never looked back... i love you guys.