Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dog

This Thursday we will be picking up our first family dog. It is a mix of a lab and a retriever (I could be wrong on that, Cody is always correcting it...haha). It is all black and a girl. For all of you out there reading this that know me at all you might be thinking, "Hell must have frozen over." I do not love animals, not even a little. I know, I know, what a horrible person I am.

To be honest, I think that they stink. They leave their stench everywhere they go. They carry diseases and sick insects. They are a lot of maintenance, time, and money. They are loud. They get in the way. They are always chewing on something that they shouldn't. They can be mean and dangerous. And, they live relatively short lives, destroying the heart of any owner that comes to love them. So explain to me all of you animal lovers out there, what is so great about them?

I have come to the conclusion, however, that my husband doesn't feel complete without a dog. So, because I love him very much I am accepting it. This is something I swore I would never do. I just hope that one day it or they start to grow on me. Who knows, I might even be the one wanting the next furry little creature...just as long as it never comes into my house.


Brother and Sister Harker

So we used to have 2 pugs (I say used because they did not mix with baby, I mean they were good with him, but they were dirty and wanted to lick him) I was so attached to them, they were like my babies. And while I was pregnant with Linus I was really sick and I was puking and smeagol (one of the pugs) put his little paw on my leg and cocked his head all concerned. Then him and Zero would lay next to me until I was all better.
I think dogs are very comforting, I am sure you will love your doggy.

Cody and Hanna

That is really cute...I see your point.

BJ and Sherrie Benson

Yay! You did it! You'll learn to like it I promise. I was pretty persistant in NOT getting a dog, unless I could pick what kind. They really are fun, and now your husband is happy too.

Seth & Kirie

Oh Hanna...I used to despise dogs. DESPISE. I thought everything you do about them...the smell, the hair, the dirt, the barking...ugh. Really, believe me when I say that they made my skin crawl..

THEN my dad bought me my mini-schnauzer, Razor, when I was going through a really rough time in my life...I was not too happy about it. But now I love that dog more than most people love their children. It's true. Whenever I am sad, Razor is always right there by my side...he likes to "hold hands"...sometimes when we're just sitting my each other he'll reach over and put his paw on my hand <3 When I am sick he cuddles with me all day long...and his cute little eyes express so much emotion! I can tell when he's happy/sad/nervous...just by his expressions (I know what you're thinking...dog's don't make expressions) but I've come to realize that they do indeed.

Seth didn't understand my love for Razor at first, but after awhile, Seth is the same way and he is just as attached to Razor as I am. In fact, he started to actually want his OWN dog...which he got a couple weeks ago before he left :)

Yeah, they bark...yeah they stink sometimes...but Razor loves me no matter what. I can get mad at him all I want and he keeps coming back. Just be consistant with the training and their behavior shouldn't be a problem.

Wow...this is long, but I just wanted you to know that I used to HATE HATE HATE dogs...but now I feel the complete opposite.

Good luck!


thats funny, but very nice of you to sacrifice for the husband. and maybe it won't be so bad. my sis in law hates animals but my brother also isn't complete with out a dog so she deals, but she still doesn't love them. maybe you'll do better.

Ashley and Jeremy

that post just made my night complete, thank you


hey Hanna I read this post and HAD to comment on it because for one i thought it was so funny and true what you said about animals and two anthony and i have to english bull dogs. I absolutely love animals and have grown up with any kind of animal you could think of having. Now that i have some dogs of my own I realize i NEVER want animals again. our house stinks, my shoes are mostly all ruined, we have stains all over our carpet and i never sleep all night because the dumb dogs have to be let out. haha i really could go on and on I just totally feel for you on this subject. anthony wanted the dogs so bad so we got them and i have been regreting it ever since. good luck with you new dog and i hope you have a better experience than me.


oh mom never told me u guys were getting a dog!! why is that? anyways i am excited for u guys well cody atleast since he really wanted one! jk hanna!! we still love ya. anyways r u guys coming to our house this weekend???