Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You MUST Read This

Read this post.

You really must. It partially spawned from a conversation I had (I take credit where I can...haha). These are some of the very thoughts I have possessed, written out in another person's blog.



you are so funny i love reading your posts. congrats on the new job! oh and i do have to explain to people because they would ask later anyway. and i've already gotten the whole, "oh is this your first?" then when i say no its actually going to be my 3rd. it the "oh you look way to young to have 3 kids how old is your oldest?" and so on and so forth, then it always comes to well was it on purpose? and i have had the birth control comment too. so more or less i would have to at some point anyway i just don't care what they think. and i definitely agree with the post. i can't believe some random strnger would make a comment like that.

Seth & Kirie

so...if that post is a result of a certain post i read about a mutual irriation we both have...the people are riduclous!!!


Brother and Sister Harker

Was that about the freaky floating babies? What the crap did someone say, do tell. You hussy, ha ha just kidding.

Cody and Hanna

it wasn't something they told me was more of an indirect slam...i found it funny.

Zach & Cristi Benedict

Hi Hanna! How funny you served in the same mission as my cousin Jen Mounteer. Small world! When Jen told me you got married, I was so excited for you. Do you still keep in touch with some of your old College Terrace roomies? We should get together and catch up sometime! :)

Cristi Benedict