Monday, July 7, 2008

On My Mind

Lately I have had a lot on my mind. For starters, Cody and I are moving. It might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to us it is huge.

We are going to have our own house...our OWN house...and it is nice and beautiful and way bigger than we need (at least for the next 8 years or so). I feel very overwhelmed, but grateful at the same time. Is that normal?

Our responsibilities are increasing like crazy. I don't think us younglings realize what it takes to maintain a house...well, I guess I should just speak for myself. I am learning more and more that I know very little of what some people refer to as the "real world". I mean, I have to actually take care of a yard now. haha. I just keep asking myself, "How are we going to make this all work?"

To add to it all, we live in a not so rich area of Provo. I love my little apartment and our neighbors (they are awesome), but I do feel bad for some of the people I come across. I see single moms with 3 or 4 kids living in tiny apartments like ours, and it makes me feel guilty that I get to move on to bigger and better things, while they (being equally or even more deserving than I am) are stuck there. What a trip huh.

This world and this life baffles me sometimes.

Also, Cody is planning on buying a truck today. It is a Toyota Tacoma and beautiful. In the meantime, we are trying to sell his car too. So if anyone knows anyone looking for a 2003 Honda Civic, please send them our way. You'll get a dang good deal, because we just need to get rid of it.

The list of my mind's interests is longer, but I'll stop there. While this blog is mainly for me, I like to keep some stuff private ;)



so where is your house? and have you sold you civic yet my sister is looking for a commuter car. and i definitely know your feeling on the whole what do i do with a house and yard and yeah. because we lived in a basement apartment then a town house now we have our own and it is SO nice to have your own space.