Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Truck Owners

We have officially joined the truck owning club. Aren't we just the coolest kids on the block.

We had been looking for a while. Cody wanted something better suited for work and I just supported his dream. haha. Every morning when I got to work, I would check the various car sites. This last weekend, while celebrating the 4th of July at good ol' grandma Pat's house, I came across a Daily Harold. I decided to search it for truck listings, and there is was, exactly what we had been looking for...only we didn't know it right away. Cody decided to call on it, and it turned out that the old man selling it lived just down the road. Cody hoped in the civic and a few minutes later I got a call, he had found exactly what he had been looking for.

Now this picture isn't the exact car, it is one I borrowed off the internet, but they are identical twins.