Monday, July 14, 2008


When Cody and I first started hanging out (I still had a boyfriend at this time) he asked me what my passions were. I thought for a minute, then after having no real response I just kind of sat there.

I mean, Cody loves snowboarding. He likes to build things. He has an opinion on most matters. He has passion, and I have...well, I am mainly just nuetral with everything.

Ever since that day I have contemplated over this. I want to be a person with passion. How does one accomplish that? As a missionary I was very passionate...maybe too I have that, BUT I think we can all agree that it isn't really the same thing. Also, I like to write. I have my own column in the newspaper and I often contribute a news article a week, but even then it is more of a pastime.

I have always been kind of a monotone person, with a monotone lifestyle. My friends were the wild and crazy ones with things they loved and did, which I enjoyed being around, while I was just kind of in the back ground. I have always been okay with that, I don't love being the center of attention, but now I am just thinking that it is boring. I am boring.

So, in the end I have come to the conclusion that I NEED A PASSION. The only problem is, how do I go about finding one? Can one even be found or picked up? Or am I just without luck and a passion is something that you must innately inherit through your own life and experiences?

P.S. Thank you Cody for your contribution. I especially appreciate that all of our Star Wars watching came out in that last sentence. haha. You are the best husband I have ever had.



so i hopped on over from the pierces blog eager to read said controversial post, but alas its gone. so i liked this post, but have no advice on the passion. didn't even see the movie ... ha. i wonder if it's innate. i'm overly passionate/opinionated and my hubby is the nice balance of "whatever". yada yada ... long comment for a stranger.