Friday, July 11, 2008

New Baby...

OK OK OK, I'm back...

Hanna has been giving me crap for awhile now because I never post on "OUR" blog, and the other morning Chris Pierce did me in by posting on their blog. Hanna called and informed me that he had done so and that I needed to follow his example. I will never hear the end of it now if I don't post, so...

The newest thing of note is my new truck... so here's to you...

My padre has had numerous Toyota trucks over the years and I have always loved them. Everytime I see them I think of long trips to California in the back of an old blue 2-wheel drive toyota pick-up that we called the blue burner. Or there's the blue tacoma that I drove to California with my old buddy Robbie to pick up my dad's stuff and help him move to Utah. We jammed to music the whole time, and that trip is up there near the top of "the best roadtrip" charts. That same truck was wrecked several times, 3 I think, and we named it "Rex" as in "Wrecks". But these trucks just keep on going and going and going. They last forever and I like the size of the smaller pick-ups. I never had a need for the huge full-size trucks.

So, needless to say I love them and they're perfect for my lifestyle, nevertheless and notwithstanding, I have never owned one. I could never afford or justify it, so I settled for my next favorite, the Subarus, which I still love. BUT, now I'm officially a truck owner and I'm kind of in love with the sound of that... Toyota truck owner... See. Sounds good.

So I just wanted to inform everyone that dreams DO come true and this is me with my new baby... Still trying to think of a name if you have any ideas... PEACE be with you.




OOOOOH... SO PRETTY!! She looks just like you.

Tone Loc

Like the truck.. more of Subaru fan myself. But have to admit I traded in my Suby for a Toyota 4 Runner. But you and a truck will grow on me after I detach your from the Subaru.