Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego

Well my friends, Cody and I are back from San Diego. We took Jacob, a friends little brother, with us. He was the funniest kid ever....seriously.

We left Wednesday night, making a stop in St. George to sleep, and arrived in San Diego Thursday around 1 in the afternoon. We got to go to the beach, swim, play, eat lots of hamburgers, be around friends that we love, watch the new Batman movie (which gave me a really creepy evil feeling), and then come home.

Although the trip was not all fun and games (we got a ticket because someone in our car wasn't wearing a seatbelt...thanks Jacob...haha) we were glad to get away for a few days.

It is apparent that I do NOT have the best camera on my phone...also, I don't think we had showered for a few days. Forgive our ugliness.


Our Blog Spot

YAY!! Thanks for coming. We, of course, loved seeing you.

I will await my two bills:
-seat belt ticket

All my love.

Brother and Sister Harker

Yeah you are really ugly and a brat too (ha ha I am just joking).
You guys could never be ugly.