Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Triple H

As a child I was quite the thinker. Being the youngest, I was always left alone with my thoughts and imagination. One day, after contemplating greatly on my name, Hanna H, I came to a conclusion that I just knew had to be true. So, I ran to tell my mother.

This was our conversation:

"Mom, when I grow up I am going to marry someone whose last name starts with an H. I know that I will."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because Hanna H. just wont go with anything else. It wouldn't make sense."

My mom agreed and then told me that maybe I should go write my epiphany in my journal, she was really big on keeping journals, so I did. Then I forgot all about it. That is, until I started dating someone whose last name started with H. My mom just happened to remember my childhood wish and told me about it, thinking maybe he was the one to fulfill it.

When that didn't work, I thought it was a lost cause...a childish dream of alliteration. Then I met Cody.

Now, years later, look where I am. A real Triple H (as my locker said in permanent marker all 3 years of high school). Isn't it funny how sometimes things really do work out exactly as you always thought...just maybe not in the exact way.

(An interesting side note is that Cody's dad's real father had a completely different last name, but later in life Cody's grandmother remarried. Cody's dad then took his step-father's last name...crazy huh??)