Thursday, September 11, 2008

5th Grade and Miguel Munoz

This story has no real point, its more a memory that collided with the present.

During my growing up years (since now I am passed that and very big and mature) my dad used to tell me that one day I would be Miss America. He even bought me several musicals and song lyrics so that I could practice. Haha. You know what though, I believed him. He, and my mother, always seemed to praise me. I am sure they did it to all of my siblings, and because of this I have decent self esteem. Now, I realize that I am not the most awesome, smart, or good looking person in the world, but I also can see good in me.

A little while back I ran into a boy by the name of Miguel Munoz. He was in my 5th grade class at Shelley Elementary in American Fork. Now, I lived in California up until this time so coming to Utah was a total shock…especially because of my name. Starting the first day of school, when the teacher called my name on the roll (and I corrected her on how to pronounce it because no one ever got it right), I was made fun of. I mean honestly, as a little kid, how can you not make fun of someone whose last name is the same as a popular sandwich shop? Unfortunately I had never heard of said sandwich shop, so it was all confusing to me.

After that day Miguel would tease me relentlessly. The teacher even moved his seat to the exact opposite side of the room as mine in an effort to get him to leave me alone. I was the front row left corner; he was the back row right corner. It didn’t work. All I heard at every recess, in every line to use the water fountain, and at every lunch was the chant “Hanna Banana, Hogi Yogi.” “Does your family own Hogi Yogi?” etc.

It never really messed with my self esteem, however. I was still happy and confident (I never realized how dorky I actually was, how could the future miss America be dorky?), just annoyed. I even remember one day Miguel made my best friend (the second nerdiest girl in the school) cry. I was baffled as to why on earth she was crying because this kid was saying stupid stuff that really didn’t mean anything.

Then, after months of harassment, I decided I had enough. So, as we stood in line I waited for him to say something, with my fists clenched. Then, just as he chimed in with his usual banter I back handed him as hard as I could, splitting his glasses in two. He cried and then had to wear those glasses the rest of the year with yellow tape holding them together. I felt bad, but at the same time I was pretty pleased with myself.

Now, when I ran into him all of this came back. He was much nicer this time, but it is still funny to think of the cards that life has dealt us and how we handle them.

Lesson learned, you become the person you think and feel you are. If that makes any sense. Also, Parents talk positively to your kids because it helps them cope with life.