Monday, September 29, 2008

The Backyard Nazzi

My vent for the day...

Today I got an email from my sister, the owner of the house we live in, that the police had called her because someone in our neighborhood had repeatedly called and complained about how trashy our backyard is. She wanted to know what was up, which is pretty understandable.

Now, if any of you know Cody, you know that he is the extreme opposite of trashy. That kid is a neat freak (I emphasize freak...haha). Our yard is not trashy, not even a little teeny weeny tiny bit. All that we have in it is our dog. And I'm sorry, if you don't like her you can lick my butt. Although that would punish me as well, and I don't deserve it.

Upon hearing about this issue I called Cody and apparently the police had called him as well.

Guess what the "trash" turned out to be? Our new fence. Cody was in the process of finishing one side of the fence that surrounds our backyard and someone actually complained about the posts laying out WHILE HE WAS IN THE PROCESS OF BUILDING IT. Are you serious? What was he supposed to do with them? Store them inside while he is IN THE PROCESS OF BUILDING IT?

I swear if I knew for sure who it was (which I actually think I do, and they just happen to be in our ward), I would give them a freaking piece of my mind. I understand if I perhaps had real trash, like out of control junk littering the sidewalks and streets, but come on people. How big of a dumb-a can you be?

Humph...I am very annoyed.



i would be too. i wish you did know for sure who it was so you caould walk up to them and nicely say, "so what would you like us to do with our fence posts while cody is at work?" things like that get me all angry and it doesn't even have anything to do woth me!


sorry about all the typos:)

Motherhood for Dummies

I think you need to go get a couple extra pieces of fencing and go fence their yard!!! DO IT! You know you want to! Plus then your sweet puppy can leave a nice little gift! :)


Nice neighbor. They just need to move to the country and see some real trashy yards! :)

Holly Grow

Seriously Hanna, You can not waste your time trying to make rational sense out of neurotic people. You remember all the crap I endured in my new neighborhood. Just laugh it off. Some people are just freakin crazy!!!!

Holly Grow

Oh, yeah, it might help to leave a flaming bag of poo on their doorstep.