Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Poor Nose

I have had a headache for about 3 weeks non-stop. No medicine has helped. So, I called to my good friend Jenn to see what the cause might be (her dad is a doctor which means she should, by nature, know the answer to ALL of my medically related questions). She told me that I probably had an infection, which I then supposed was a sinus infection.

Considering that we do not have insurance and that I don't want to pay out of pocket to see a stupid doctor (I do believe that a large majority of doctors are stupid), I am turning to the people who read this blog for advice. I know someone out there somewhere has a home remedy for this...and I REALLY NEED IT!

Dig deep, ask your grandmas and find me some help.

Love, Hanna


Brother and Sister Harker

if it is a sinus infection there are rinses you can use. Just google 'sinus rinse' and I am sure you will get some good hits.
Sorry you are having problems, I know all about headaches.

Randy and Anissa

There's one that you can get at Rite-Aid or Wal-Green's called Nielson's and it's a saline rinse. It works wonders. Plus Vitamin C!

Jen Jen

a saline flush... Basically you squirt sterile water up your nose. I can get you more specifics if you want ( I'm a nursing student and have some resourses). Also I think UVU has a free health clinic. Not sure though... We have one here in St George so I would think UVU has one.

Holly Grow

I just saw this show where a guy had bad headaches and his brain was coming through his ear canal. Yikes, it was gross (but they fixed it with surgery). I use afrin with nasal problems but I don't know if it will work if you already have an infection.


i just had one, well almost anyway they say its not an infection unless you have a fever and chills with it so you just need to have it drain. my dr told me to take clariton D and if you can't sleep with it take a tylenol pm and def do the flush. anything to get it to drain. good luck :)