Friday, September 5, 2008


Did I mention that I dyed my hair black? Well, Cody dyed my hair black. It wasn't intentional, but I'm starting to like it. Although when you first see it, it's a little shocking.



You dyed your hair black? Did you dye it again or is it the same color as it was at Chili's? Kaitlin

Seth & Kirie

Oh man...this makes me miss my black hair! Here's a warning...get ready for a painful process of getting rid of it. It took me a YEAR to get back to my natural color!!

Ashley and Jeremy

i was very worried when melissa told me...but i'm quite impressed, you can pull off the black well, congratulations.

The Price Family

In this picture your hair looks great!!! it may be true that if I saw you in person I would be shocked but with your great skin tones it looks good. Way to go Cody!!!

BJ and Sherrie Benson

I like it! It looks really pretty on you!

Brother and Sister Harker

I love it! You look so pretty, and it looks good with your eyes.


I think it looks really good! and it makes me a little jealous.... only because I love having my hair dark! and it has been so long!